Other Services


WCG in it’s recruiting, attempts to hire people with diverse backgrounds.  Within our consulting practices we have individuals who have developed special skill sets in niche areas.  This allows us to offer some services to our clients that are traditionally only offered by boutique firms.  Some of these include:  

Market Entry Consulting:  We work with companies who wish to enter both the Canadian and US markets.  In order to make a smooth and informed entry into a foreign market WCG can guide you through the process.  Depending on the stage of the process you are in we can do everything from market analysis, legal set up, staff hiring and even interim management.  It is our job to minimize risk and exposure while you learn to operate in a foreign market.  

Political Consulting: Political campaigns and offices often need advice and an outside opinion.  We advise campaigns on all aspects including; policy initiatives, communications, mobilizing volunteer support, getting out the vote, opposition research, field strategy and once elected, office setup and staffing.  We have the ability to offer independent advice or full campaign management services as needed.  

Fundraising Consulting:  Our people have over 40 years experience in both commercial and charitable fund raising.   If you are looking for ways to increase sales, reduce overhead or maybe just source out new products or programs; We can help with all of these. 

Vendor Consulting:  Often when working with companies we find that they are over paying suppliers because ‘We’re comfortable with them’, ‘they understand our business’, or because ‘they’re reliable’.  While all of these may be true there are lots of good companies out there that might fit your needs or your budget better.  We review your spending and needs in order to source the most appropriate vendors for your needs.