Issues Management


In business and in politics, as in life, issues often pop up unexpectedly.  How you deal with these issues can define you and as a result the situation must be used as an opportunity to set a new course and to provide you with an opportunity to show integrity and perseverance.  As with all our consulting services we approach each situation individually, analysing all aspects with the desired outcome in mind.  

After dealing with the initial crisis and setting out a plan for both the short and long term, WCG delves deeper.  We look into why and how this situation occurred, including a full risk assessment to ensure this type of incident doesn’t happen again.  We then work with our clients to put processes and protocols in place to minimize future risk.  

We find that when solutions, whether they are big or small are initiated by an outside source such as WCG, they are often accepted internally with more buy in than might otherwise occur.