About Us

 WCG is a Toronto based consulting firm that provides services world wide.  We specialize in working with small to midsize companies and all levels of government providing strategy and management consulting services to meet our client’s needs.  It is our goal to provide solutions that will not only meet the immediate needs of our clients but also provide them with long term solutions to enhance value and promote growth.  

 WCG recognizes that each organization and situation requires a uniquely tailored approach.  Our consultants work with clients to understand the inner workings of their operation and from there provide multiple solutions.  Our options are always unique and take into account macro and micro conditions as well as the goals of our clients. We also ensure the approach chosen is both viable and practical.  

 At the Wilson Consulting Group our goals are not met until yours are.  

Managing Partner: Braydon Wilson, MBA


Braydon is an executive who has worked both in politics and with businesses of all sizes to help them grow and increase profits. He has experience working all over the world having founded companies in Canada, Europe and Asia. He brings this knowledge to all of his clients ensuring that a global approach is taken to problem solving. Braydon believes that there is no business problem that cannot be solved.

Braydon holds a degree in Business Law and an MBA in Change Management from Carleton University.